Booking Calendar

For Calendar Booking

All the bookings have been cancelled under the booking calendar due to the current lockdown in the country. Fresh bookings will be made after the comencement of the college.

Guidelines : For the use of bookings done by Departments and Societies of Kirori Mal College

1) The Academic Auditorium can be used only for holding lectures/talks by the invited guest speakers.

2) The booking of the Academic Auditorium must be done in advance by the concerned Teacher-in-Charge / Staff Advisor with the Principal’s Office in the prescribed format.

3) The concerned Teacher-in-Charge / Staff Advisor will be responsible for safety and security of digital podium, projector, mike, etc. installed in the auditorium.

4) Only the Teacher-in-Charge / Staff Advisor, with the help of a technical attendant from the non-teaching staff, are permitted to operate the projector set-up in the auditorium. No student is allowed to take charge or handle the projector set-up.

5) Carrying eatables inside the academic auditorium is strictly prohibited. Only bottled water is allowed to be served for the persons on the dais.

6) Lighting of Lamp is prohibited inside the Academic Auditorium.

(Prof. Vibha Singh Chauhan)