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Title : Accessibility of Electronic Resources

With the help of Dr Sanjeev Singh, Joint Director, DUCC, all the faculty members, research scholars, and students can access all the electronic resources from home also. This access is being provided by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) system.

To have the access , follow the following steps: (WINDOWS)

1. Download forticlient from the link below:

2. Install forticlient

3. Open forticlient

4. Go to "remote access"

5. Click on "configure VPN"

6. Fill the fields the following way

Inline image

7. Click on SAVE

8. Enter your DU Wi-Fi user name and password in the respective fields

9. On the prompt related to certificate click YES

Once you are connected, you can access electronic resources from home.

Those who do not have DU Wi-Fi user name and password can get it online from the following page.

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| Posted By : Kmc Admin | Date : 25 Mar 2020